Are you looking for a free, easy way to reduce the stress of the dogs
in your shelter or rescue?  Sign up for the Donate-A-Thundershirt
program today at

Many dogs have already gained relief from fear and anxiety by donning
a Thundershirt, which works simply by applying gentle, constant
pressure.  For more info on Thundershirts and a short video on how
easy they are to use, see

With the Donate-A-Thundershirt program, you can easily place a link on
your Petfinder home page or other website – and your supporters can
provide Thundershirts for your dogs.  To get started, go to

1 – Choose the graphic you want to use on your page
2 – Enter your Petfinder ShelterID
3 – Click on the empty box below and it will fill with code generated
for your group
4 – Copy that code in the bottom box and paste it into your website

This will create the graphic you selected with a unique code assigned
only to you.  When your supporters click on it, they will be taken to
a special page created specifically for your organization.  They no
longer have to select your group from a dropdown menu – the page will
be set to your submitted address.  From there, they can purchase a
Thundershirt for only $27.00 (deeply discounted from the retail price
of $39.99) with FREE shipping and Thundershirt will send it directly
to you!