We Need YOU!

We Need YOU!

Volunteers are the lifeblood of any non-profit, and PRC is now in need of some new blood.

Not only can we use volunteers to assist with dogs, we also need helpers with office organizational skills and someone to help coordinate with volunteers.

Have experience or passion for fundraising? Call me at 760-398-7722 or email petrescuecenter@gmail.com. We need you!

Adoption fees don’t come close to covering costs. Vet bills alone average over $3000 per month. Liability insurance continues to increase along with all our overhead costs. We are continually in need of donations.

If you’re 18 or older and want to volunteer, please call us.

If you have no time or interest in volunteering, please donate what you can to help us continue this life-saving work.

Avondale Dog Show Brings in Much Needed Funds – Watch Video of Event

Avondale Dog Show Brings in Much Needed Funds – Watch Video of Event

Avondale’s twelfth annual dog show held April 3 brought in over $27,000 to help cover costs of caring for dogs at PRC awaiting forever homes. Thank you Avondale residents and everyone who attended the show and for your generous donations.

Special thanks Cheryl Clark and Kathi James and the committee for their great job generating funds from the silent auction and selling calendars.

Carol Eddy created this beautiful video of the event. Thank you Carol!


William Gazecki, shown here in Jack Russel tee shirt, started the Avondale Dog Show and built the Tocoma Humane Society. He attended this year’s show with newly adopted “Sugar” in his arms. He adopted Sugar from PRC just prior to the show. PRC Director Christine Madruga calls him the “King” of The Pet Rescue Center for his long-standing support.

Dogs Die Within Minutes Left Inside Hot Cars

Dogs Die Within Minutes Left Inside Hot Cars

YOU, of course, know better than to leave your precious furry family member alone in car while you “run into the store for a minute”. Unfortunately, though, others often do and it doesn’t take long for the dog to overheat, dehydrate or even die.

If the outside temperature is 85, it will be over 100 within ten minutes even with the windows down. On a cloudy 72 degree day, the temperature inside a car can reach 90 degrees within just ten minutes even with the windows partially down.

It’s not only inhumane to leave a dog inside a hot car, in California it’s also illegal – Penal Code 597.7. The owner can be fined up to $500 if the dog’s health is jeopardized or dies. Officers also have the right to break into the car, even if it means breaking car window, to rescue the dog.
What should you do if you see a dog left inside a car?

First, write down the make, model, color and license number of the vehicle and then visit nearby businesses and see if you can locate the owner to tell them of the dog’s distress.

If you’re unable to find the owner, call 911 and give them the location and vehicle information.

If possible, stay nearby until the officer arrives.

RSVP Now for Our 18th Birthday Western Barbecue Bash March 13

RSVP Now for Our 18th Birthday Western Barbecue Bash March 13

Live kick-up-your-heels music! Delicious food! Beer! Wine! Unique auction items! Mingling with like-minded, dog-loving compassionate folks! You may even brush elbows with a celebrity or two!

This annual birthday bash is not only fun, it’s also the primary fundraising event that enables us to continue saving dogs’ lives. So tell your friends and call now to RSVP.

For just $90 per person, you’re reserving a day of fun and helping us save lives.

Held at J & J Ranch 58300 Almonte Dr. in LaQuinta from 5-9pm.

Call Christine Madruga at 760-398-7722 or 760-496-7038.

Thank You for Your Continued Support

Thank You for Your Continued Support
PRC President Christine Madruga

PRC President Christine Madruga

I can’t possibly express the magnitude of my appreciation for your years of love and support. Since we began in 1998, PRC has saved the lives of over 10,200 dogs. It has only been possible because of our loving volunteers and generous donors.

Everyone who helps us can be assured their donations go directly to caring for the dogs and running the Center.

The work here does not become easier or less costly. There are more strays requiring more than routine vaccines, spay and neuters. Our vet costs alone average $3k a month. Liability insurance increases each year.

Your continued support enables us to continue finding the best homes possible for these once unwanted pets.

You can mail your tax-deductible donation to our P.O. Box 6570 in La Quinta, Ca 92088. Better yet, stop by and meet our dogs currently available for adoption and drop off your donation in person during adoption hours at 83-496 Avenue 51 in Coachella.

The PayPal link on this website is also an easy and fast way to get your donation to us.

Donations of any amount are greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your help, love and continued support.

“Dog Bank” Benefits from Golfers and Supporters at Indian Springs Golf Club

“Dog Bank” Benefits from Golfers and Supporters at Indian Springs Golf Club

Twenty one teams of golfers came out to play at Indian Springs Golf Club in Indio at this year’s “Playing Fore the Pets” tournament. GolfTourney1

Thanks to their support and that of Joe Simonds and his staff at the club as well as the businesses and individuals who donated silent auction and raffle items sold at the event, PRC netted $13,865.

Auction items donated by businesses and individuals helped raise funds for PRC

Auction items donated by businesses and individuals helped raise funds for PRC


Everyone enjoyed the delicious Mexican Buffet from Mitch of Mitch’s of El Paseo! It was a beautiful, fun day of golf and camaraderie.

Of course golf is competitive too. This year’s winning team pictured below: Bud Leedom, David Barnard, Liz Owens and Steve Owens. We look forward to seeing you and your golfing buddies at next year’s Playing Fore the Pets event!
Tourney Winners