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From Dumpster to Service Dog

From Dumpster to Service Dog

Sesame Street’s Oscar, the Muppet who lives in a trash can, is called Oscar the “grouch”. After all, wouldn’t living in a trash can give you a nasty disposition?  Well, not our Oscar – named for where he was found.  Yep, this sweet little guy pictured cleaning the face of his newly adoptive ‘mom’ was found in a dumpster.  Someone had dumped him in a trash bin in Indian Wells.

After being brought to Pet Rescue Center and feeling the love and compassion of our volunteers and trainers, our Oscar trusts humans again.  That’s one of the special differences between dogs and humans (well Muppets too apparently).  Dogs forgive quickly and love unconditionally.

When soon-to-be-retired Marine Kelli Sloan came to the Pet Rescue Center looking for a companion service dog to help her readjust to civilian life, Oscar was the ideal fit.  Kelli has significant hearing loss as a result of her ten years in the service.  She instantly fell in love with Oscar and as the picture clearly shows, the feeling was mutual.

Kelli has given Oscar a more continental name.  Now he answers to  Henry – pronounced as the French do, “Onre.”