There is life after the streets!

This little dog was brought to Desert Dunes Animal Hospital by a local Animal Control Agency with multiple fractures to her hind leg as well as a fractured pelvis- from being hit by a car. Christine Madruga from the Pet Rescue Center, Inc. in Coachella; just happened to walk into Desert Dunes and overheard the animal control officer tell the veterinarian “the city did not want to pay for surgery and to put the dog down”. Naturally, Christine, after having eye contact with this dog, said, “NO WAY!” She underwent surgery and after amputating her hind leg, and much needed love and cage rest, little “Lola” found her new home in the loving arms of Dan Shawstein, who quickly named her “Chance” because she truly got a second chance at life. She now lives the good life in Indian Wells. She literally went from the outhouse to the penthouse!

Once in a while, it comes across my mind that my perfect little Sweet Pea was most definitely waiting for her turn to be euthanized– and
that she would have been if not for Christine. It’s so upsetting that I can’t really put it into words. Chance is so beautiful and perfect,
and she has the most loving, giving little spirit.Chance is our “little Miracle”. It would have been horribly wrong if she was not here with us. We will be forever grateful, as I’m sure countless others are, for Christine and The Pet Rescue Center!

–Dan Shawstein

In May of 2008 my daughter, Sonja and I met Ruby at the Spring Bling Luncheon and Fashion Show – it was love at first sight! Her short, plump
stature, tiny little legs and hyperactive tail melted our hearts. My other doggy, Chloe needed a friend to keep her company during the days when I was at work and my daughter was at school, and Ruby was the perfect match. Sonja and I took Ruby home to Chloe and they have been BFF’s ever since – they are inseparable. I can’t imagine life now without Ruby. She is so eager to love and be loved. Knowing that she came into our lives through the efforts of Pet Rescue Center, who took her from a really bad situation, reminds me of how there are good and amazing people out there whose kindness and determination saves the lives of abandoned, abused and neglected dogs; and every time Ruby gazes into my eyes or rolls on her back for a tummy rub I know there are so many more out there like her that may never have the chance to feel this kind of safety and warmth.

Thank you, Chris for your incredible work, and thank you so very much for bringing Ruby into our lives!

~Kristina Anderson

Lovie is doing wonderfully. She’s doing a fantastic job with her potty training. She’s even started to give a little bark or sit by the back door to let us know she’d like to go outside She’s loving the backyard and has tons of energy in the mornings. She loves to run back and forth, rummage around, and explore in the backyard. She likes to chase bugs…moths and such. She’s eating well, and of course sleeps most of the day when we’re gone. I installed some webcams so I can look in on her with my iPhone when I’m away from home, and well she is like a cat…sleep, sleep, and more sleep during the day. She has made herself at home and she follows me around the house. She loves to curl up next to me or my daughter while we’re watching tv. She loves to have her belly rubbed and she loves to be hugged. She gives us plenty of
love and kisses. We take her to the park and she’s learning to walk on the leash. She does really well in the car and she loves to go to school to pick up my daughter in the afternoons. She’s not much for crowds yet but she’s getting better. She is so adorable, and we’re all so happy to have her home.

Thanks Christine for all the work you do and for knowing that Lovie was the perfect pup for us!

~Tom and Tatiana Woodworth